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How to Use AI in Your Business

Billionaire Mark Cuban says,

“AI will have a bigger impact than the internet and mobile phones. It’s going to dwarf everything.”

The buzzword around the U.S. and the world right now is “AI”, and rightly so. Business experts are saying AI will change virtually every industry.

Many people are left wondering about the future of their jobs. AI costs less than human employees, it doesn’t need a raise, and employers don’t have to give AI bonuses or pay for expensive benefits packages. And AI is typically much faster at processing various data sets and completing certain kinds of tasks when compared to humans.

“11 Industries Seeing Fundamental AI-Driven Changes In The Near Future.”


According to, AI has become a part of life so quickly and seamlessly that many of us are still unaware of how deeply it has impacted society.

One big advantage to AI is its deep learning capabilities. AI can continuously “learn” and improve on its own through the use of predictive analytics. This technology allows AI to easily identify and adjust to patterns and trends with more efficiency than humans. It is capable of performing predictive analyses at a rate superior to human employees. It is also capable of writing and rewriting content at lightning speed. This is especially advantageous for creating and monitoring targeted ad campaigns, where consumer behavior drives campaign strategy adjustments.

Along with this, AI can be used to improve certain creative tasks, such as social media content creation or messaging. AI can be implemented to perform tasks such as data entry, which would allow marketing associates to spend more time and energy on other, more complex tasks. It is also already being used to enhance SEO. Altogether marketing teams who are adopting AI will be the pack leaders because the use of AI in marketing will provide higher level of accuracy and efficiency.

How is AI Possible?

The big leap for AI learning came when technology teams discovered GPUs could power AI deep learning exponentially better than CPUs.

For example, it was discovered that just 12 GPUs were comparable to 2,000 CPUs when it came to certain AI processes. This is why certain GPU companies like Nvidia have experienced a boom in sales.

AI The Perfect Business Tool?

AI may, however, lack certain inherent human qualities like morality, integrity, and decency. Many wonder whether AI can really be taught right from wrong on a fundamental level, and whether the future of humanity is in danger because of this.

For example, in early 2023 published the story of a mayor of a town in Australia who discovered he was inaccurately reported by chatGPT to have been jailed for bribery at his previous employer. In fact, he was the individual who spoke up to authorities about the bribery going on in his company. reported the Australian mayor may sue Microsoft for defamation.

Or take opinion columnist Jonathan Turley, who chatGPT reported that had been accused of sexual harassment in a 2018 Washington Post article after groping law students on a trip to Alaska. It was a surprise to Mr. Turley, since he had never gone to Alaska with students, The Post never published such an article, and he has never been accused of sexual harassment or assault by anyone.

Thus the pairing of humans overseeing AI-powered initiatives seems inevitable and the best combination to protect human interests and provide due diligence.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai believes it’s
“The most profound technology humanity will ever work on.”

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