Million Dollar Sunday Campaign Excedes $2.3M Goal

September 25, 2016 marked the official beginning of Eastern European Mission's (EEM) premiere annual fundraiser, Million Dollar Sunday, to fuel two special projects - Bibles for public schools in Ukraine, Romania, and Croatia, and Bibles for refugees who have been flooding out of the middle east. Upon funding, EEM is projected to have placed Bibles in more than 50% of Ukraine public schools.

Beckett Marketing & Design worked alongside EEM leadership to provide creative services including concepting, copywriting, and graphic design in an array of marketing pieces such as post cards, brochures, posters, and other advertisements, as well as website design. To learn more, visit

Beckett Marketing & Design Launches New Websites For Texas A&M's Aggies for Christ and Fort Worth Homeless Center

Beckett Marketing & Design was excited to launch new websites recently for Texas A&M's Aggies for Christ and Fort Worth homeless resource center DRC Solutions. The new Aggies For Christ website brings a fresh, modern touch and hopes to be a great resource for its student body.

The launch of a new website for DRC Solutions, a resource center for the homeless of Fort Worth, was a major piece of their rebranding campaign initiated by DRC and its PR team.



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Beckett Marketing and Design specializes in promoting businesses and nonprofit organizations through goal oriented design and management of online marketing initiatives and websites paired with statistical analysis and high quality graphic design.

Major recent projects include building event websites for local churches and mission organizations, developing a new online fundraising and awareness website for a new Christian academy in Africa, creating web pages and supporting graphics for campaigns for #GivingTuesday and the fight against ebola, leading social media efforts, and developing online solutions for Sponsor a Child programs to help orphans.

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We are a small marketing and design group that provides valuable services to your organization through creativity, knowledge and experience. We strive to give our clients excellence in service, timely and relevant advice, and a long-lasting relationship.

We are idealists and realists in a world of opportunists. Our goal is not to sell you the latest proprietary product with an outrageous price tag, but to provide you with real, long-lasting solutions that fulfill your organization's actual short-term and long-term needs. Unlike agencies, we are able to provide these services because of our size, expertise, business model, and reasonable service charges.

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Beckett Marketing & Design provides website development, technical consulting, and web communications support to small and medium-sized organizations. With varied background and experience, we provide both a technical and creative approach to our clients and strive for excellence in quality, attention to detail, and customer service.