Nearly Neglected Content Marketing Strategies That Can Actually Boost SEO (Part 1)

For many of us, when we hear the phrase content marketing, what might come to mind are articles, blogs, videos, and probably social media posts. While these online assets indeed make up a huge chunk of content marketing, there are a few properties that we tend to neglect to optimize but could actually help in boosting our overall SEO and online marketing strategy.

Here are nearly neglected content marketing assets and strategies that you may want to revisit and optimize as they can help improve your SEO.


Almost every business website showcases an About Us page where the company profile or business description can be found. This is really helpful because this is where customers, clients, business partners, and website visitors refer to to know more about the company they are dealing with, its qualifications, and how reliable it is with the products or services they offer.

However, many fail to present this page in an optimized, SEO-centric approach. While it really is nice to include impressive credentials, qualifications, and achievements of your company, it would also be helpful to create this in a manner where popularly searched keywords are used, links to social media pages are available, and video assets are included. These items will not only help optimize the website for search engines, but will also provide brand awareness and long-term online visibility.


Another classic example of a nearly neglected marketing asset is the 404 error page.

There are several reasons why your visitors may be seeing an error page from your site – probably because the content is no longer available or they may have typed the wrong URL. A clean 404 page shows up with a clear message that the page does not exist. Then what? Was it moved to a new page? Is it under a different category now? Or should they go back to the homepage and search for something else?

404 error pages are a great opportunity to direct your visitors to your most or least popular pages of your site. And while you are at it, why don’t you optimize it, too, so you can boost the rankings of other pages? An example of an excellent, optimized message for an e-commerce error page would look like this: 


Sorry! Looks like the product you are looking for is no longer available.

Check out other products under Home and Furniture or find great deals under Best Sellers. You may also go back to homepage to continue your online shopping.

[Insert short, optimized copy about your business or website here]


See the difference? Just imagine how many of your visitors are directed to an error page on your website. If you put relevant links and keywords on it, you won’t lose these visitors immediately, and who knows, you may even convert them to paying customers.

For more nearly neglected content marketing assets that you should take advantage of and optimize, watch out out for part 2 of this blog. If you need help with your digital marketing strategies, contact our marketing experts at Beckett Marketing and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.