Why Slogans are Important to Branding


In marketing your business, accurate words are just as important as visuals. Something as simple as “Just do it.” can do wonders for brand recognition, recall and relevance (just ask Nike, a juggernaut of a company whose nearly 30-year-old slogan still resonates so distinctly to this day).

You may think that writing a tagline for your business or a slogan for your campaign is easy, but it actually deserves thorough consideration and understanding of your vision, mission and values—which underscore your entire branding—and your consumers and target prospects. You have to make sure that the wording or phrase that you eventually choose as your overall messaging will be effective, and will actually help the market identify with and pick your company over others.

The best slogans are usually those that are short, sweet and sincere. The more concise and catchy your slogan, the easier it will be to commit to memory. Using literary techniques like rhyming and alliterations (or using words that start with the same letter and/or sound) can help you manage the length of your slogan without compromising its relatability. Your slogan and tagline should also be able to communicate the spirit of your business and commitment to customers. Branding is about creating positive experiences, and the message you attach to your name should speak not only about your product but also your promise.

Highlighting a distinct benefit can do the trick. A great example is M&M’s famous “melts in your mouth, not in your hands” catchphrase. The slogan not only effectively emphasizes a benefit of their product but also promises an experience that consumers, particularly chocolate enthusiasts, can expect and greatly appreciate. Already, the slogan manages to set the brand apart from all other variants available in the market.

Coming up with the right slogan and tagline for your brand takes a certain measure of wit with words. In any marketing or advertising effort, may it be traditional, online or both, creativity and flexibility are crucial to effectivity. We would be glad to sit down and brainstorm with you on the type of messaging you want to incorporate into your brand—and any other creative or design requirement you might have in mind.