Concept is King


Businesses spend a large portion of their budget on advertising, but not all campaigns reach their intended level of success—especially if it is not rooted in a strong creative concept (more commonly known as “the big idea”).

As a business owner, you are going to want to invest time in conceptualizing and planning your advertising campaign. Similar to the 4 P’s of marketing – Product, Price, Place and Promotion – here are the 3 M’s and the major points that you should take with you to the drawing board:


When you advertise your brand, you always have to think about your audience. Your primary target could either be your existing customers or prospects (or both), but the approach should be the same. You have to know your audience well. This means studying your customer profile (which can be developed using basic data gathering techniques) and making well-informed assumptions about what works and what doesn’t. When you are confident you know enough about your target market, it’s advisable to do research into current trends (yes, this requires checking out what the competition is doing) and see which will make your campaign most appealing to your market.


Before you can come up with a great concept for your advertising campaign, you have to know what the purpose of the campaign is, and what it is exactly you want to communicate. Is your goal simply to reinforce your brand and secure your share of the market, or do you want to attract new clients? Are you promoting your existing line of services and/or products, or are you launching something new? Who do you want your ads to talk to? What do you want your ads to say? Questions like these are important considerations because if you don’t have a clear idea of what your goal is, chances are, you will be unable to come up with a strong, concept-based messaging.


Developing concepts for an advertising campaign is a lot more fun nowadays because of rapid expansion in the digital and online fronts. Now, you can conceptualize your advertising campaign to include all possible media—from traditional (e.g. TV, radio, print, billboards) to current (e.g. mobile advertising, SMS, email, websites, social media networks, blogs). If you’re running on a limited budget, you can opt to run a purely online campaign, as you can get more bang for your buck for a longer period of time. But again, whichever medium you decide on will depend on your concept, and your concept is largely shaped by your goal, intended messaging and target market. For example, a business that caters mostly to an elderly market may want to place more of their advertisements in TV, radio or print, as their customers may not be too tech-savvy or as adept as digital natives.

Concept development for advertising campaigns is a challenging but exciting task, one which we are only happy to be involved in. We would love to help you get the creative juices flowing—call us at (817) 504-4505.