3 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Content

It is a known fact that internet users nowadays do not read content word by word. Rather, scanning an ad or web page has been the common practice in the web. Thus, it is important to keep the attention and interest of your readers when writing website or marketing content.

Here are some of the common mistakes made by content writers that make readers scurry away from their website.

Mistake # 1: Not being relatable to your audience

Most knowledgeable writers tend to write about what they know and forget that many in their potential audience are not as well versed as they are in the subject they write about. As a result, readers may find their content too hard to comprehend with a lot of technical jargon. Furthermore, some writers do not research their target audience so they do not understand their readers at all. As a result, readers find their content not relatable, which chases the visitors away.

Mistake # 2: Writing too much about yourself or product

Even if your purpose for writing content is to promote yourself, your website or your products, the key themes of your writing should not be too centered on self-promotion. Too much self-promotion only makes you appear less likable in the perception of your readers. Furthermore, stuffing too many keywords in your content to make your website rank higher on search engines can be too obvious to your reader and may make the flow of your text seem awkward.

Mistake # 3: Being too wordy

Long-winded sentences and big blocks of paragraphs are often dismissed by online users due to the lack of scanability. Paragraphs that carry too many points are often left unread since most online readers only scan a text and read what stands out, which could be the bold texts, subheadings or the very start of each paragraph.

To keep your reader’s attention and interest, keep your paragraphs concise and use informative subheadings when you can. These tips will let your reader scan through the whole text and then they can decide whether they would spend the time to read it or not.

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