Facebook Boost Post: What You Need to Know Before Boosting Your Next Content

If you have a Facebook fan page or business page, you may have already encountered the Facebook boost post.

In case you haven't, this is a feature exclusive to Facebook pages where you, as the page owner or administrator, are given a chance to "boost" or highlight any of your page's content. It aims to attract more Facebook users to see it, even if they are not fans or followers of your page.

This feature does not only give your content greater reach and more thumbs up, but it also increases your chance of generating fans, leads, and even sales.

Sounds convincing? Here are some things you need to know to maximize your advertising budget on Facebook.

You Don’t Need to Boost All Your Posts -- Just the Relevant Ones

You may be thinking-- Wow! This is an easy way to advertise my business on Facebook. I should simply just boost all of my content.



Why? First, it's because you will just waste your money. Second, not all content is worth boosting or advertising.

Remember, with Facebook boost post, you want to be sure that your posts reach the largest possible local audience that will benefit from your brand. Not all your posts are capable of doing this, such as funny memes, inspiring quotes, forwarded or shared links from third-party websites or pages, etc.

Target Your Audience Wisely

To maximize your advertising budget and get a high return on investment (ROI), it is best that you target your audience accordingly. Facebook lets you do this, especially since they have comprehensive data on each of their member's profile.

This targeting option for the Facebook boost post features lets you identify which people you want to reach with your content, including their location, age, gender, employment status, and interests.

Engage with Users Who Interact with Your Boosted Post

When you boost a post or content, expect that you will receive tons of likes, comments, shares, and inquiries. As soon as you’re getting these interactions, make sure that you do something about them.

Engage. Communicate. Invite them to like your page and visit your website. This way, you’re getting more than your money’s worth than just a thumbs up or a heart icon. When inquiries start coming in, be sure to reply to all messages that come your way.

Grow Your Business with Facebook Marketing

Facebook is more than just a social networking website for friends and relatives; it is also a venue to build and promote your business. Facebook offers a variety of organic and paid advertising options that you can take advantage of to reach your target market and generate leads.

Facebook boost post is one of these. By boosting your page’s content, you can reach a larger local audience, and introduce your products and services to people in your community that may have never heard of you.

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