How Excellent Copy Can Set Your Company and Website Apart

The moment there is approval for a company’s website, the first question most people ask is what will it look like? Design is a crucial and major part of website building, yet many make the mistake of focusing too much on design.
A beautiful site is the secret to attracting visitors. What makes them stay—and look around--is the copy. Copy is anything written that communicates a message. In a website these are the headlines, paragraphs, and sometimes phrases that talk about your company and what you do. 
Here are three reasons why you need to ensure your website has excellent copy:

1.  Excellent copy keeps visitors and creates traffic.

Have you ever visited a website where there was nothing to read? Didn’t it feel like walking inside a store, expecting to be bombarded with products, but finding almost nothing on the shelves? 

That is exactly what happens to your website visitors when there is little or poor copy. Visitors remain visitors, and they most likely will not return to your website the same way a potential customer will not return to a store that has empty shelves.

With excellent copy on the other hand, visitors remain engaged and keep learning, enjoying, and reading, which gives you higher chance of conversion or return to your site. 

2. You are able to direct visitors to what you want and need.

Good copy always has a clear call to action—what do you want your reader to do? Buy a product, sign up for a mailing list, read another article? 

For some this means excellent copy can legitimately and automatically turn into a sale. Others might prefer to build brand awareness and loyalty via mailing lists.

Poor copy might not only omit the call to action, but also have one that confuses the reader. And confusion ultimately translates to failed conversion. With good copy, you will be able to maximize your website visits.

3. It will set you apart from competitors or other organizations.

Good copy defines your business or your organization and it helps explain your identity. If there are other businesses or organizations like yours, your copy can clearly differentiate your group.

Good copy can briefly explain why your product is unique or why your non-profit organization is worthy of their time and support. It will play up your strengths, your unique vision and mission, and will translate properly to your audience.

At a time when a website has become the norm for any organization, ensuring that yours has good copy is crucial in building your brand. While it may seem like anyone can churn out good copy, it takes more than being a wordsmith to create effective copy online. There are SEO, analytics, and trends to be considered. 

We would love to help you craft the write copy and message. Call us at 682-712-9246 and we’d be more than happy to set your business apart from the rest.