Nearly Neglected Content Marketing Strategies That Can Actually Boost SEO (Part 2)

In our previous post, we have introduced a couple of online marketing assets that most website owners ignore. What they don’t know is that if they only take time to optimize these pages, they can attract more traffic and boost their search engine positions.

Here are some more nearly neglected content marketing strategies that you should be aware of.


Confirmation pages often exist in lead generation, subscription, and registration websites and they are a great opportunity to attract user interaction and increase engagement. Sadly, they are also among the pages that are not being used wisely in terms of SEO.

The confirmation page is not an exit page, and you should do all efforts so your visitors will not close it immediately. Since they already on your site, give them a reason to stay longer and learn more about your business.

To do this, you may add cross-links to pages that will not only benefit your users, but encourage engagement, as well. Some of the pages worth promoting on confirmation pages are the homepage, about page, another product or service page, contact page, blog, testimonials or case studies, newsletter subscriptions, and social media profiles.


While email content may not offer direct SEO boost, the messaging and links you present in it can improve awareness, traffic, and opportunity for customers to engage with you. Consider the following approaches on how you can optimize the emails you send to your subscribers and increase opens, visits, and conversions.


Moreover, make sure that whatever device your customers are using, they will experience a seamless journey from their inbox towards your landing pages. Optimize your email content so it resizes perfectly whether it is being read on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

  • Create an easy-to-scan visual layout with one theme per email
  • Write an eye-catching headline that will make your readers want to open the email
  • Cross link key content on your website and links to your social media profiles
  • Make sure to include your business’ contact information
  • Include a powerful call-to-action button or message
  • Match the links on the email content with the landing pages on your website


Content marketing on social media does not only mean posting of regular updates. You should also learn how to take advantage of the other features of your company page such as the About section where you can highlight business description, services offered, and links to your website and other properties. Other content marketing strategies include mentioning your website URL on related posts, using call-to-action messaging, and consistent branding on photos.

There are a lot of opportunities that web owners and online marketers can take advantage of in improving the online performance of a website. While some marketing solutions may not directly impact SEO, they are still worth executing as they bring additional awareness, increased visibility, and improved engagement with your customers.

It just takes careful observation, resourcefulness, and creativity to turn these simple, nearly neglected online assets into lead generation channels. If you need help with marketing your business online, our experts at Beckett Marketing can help you. Contact us now and let’s discuss your marketing goals.