4 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Website

Maintaining a website for your business is a must because in today’s market: it is your brand’s calling card. A website provides information, can create loyalty and customer value, and is a powerful marketing tool. However an outdated site may be doing more harm than good.
Here are 4 sure-fire signs it’s time to upgrade your website:
  1. Your website says old.  How old is old?  In today’s online market place, it doesn’t take as long as you might think.   A site that is 2-3 years old needs a careful review.   The time can be even shorter if your website was not designed by a professional.  Load speeds, clear offerings, and subtle but intuitive animations should all work together seamlessly to create engagement.  It only takes a second or two to win or lose a user’s attention.  Inability to interest a user means he or she will not stay, and ultimately he or she will not become a customer. 
  2. Your website is not mobile friendly.  51% of organic search traffic in the U.S. is on a mobile device. That percentage continues to grow daily.   A site that is not mobile friendly will automatically deter your clients or potential clients from engaging.  Once they see it is not ready for mobile viewing, they will most likely leave the site before it even displays in its entirety.
  3. Your website is not maximizing a clear call to action.  Simply put, a call to action, otherwise known as the CTA, tells site visitors what to do next.  Popular CTAs around the internet are “click here” and “buy now”.  No CTAs or unclear CTAs will not convert website traffic into sales.  However, it doesn’t always have to be a blatant sale.   It may be a call to signup for a newsletter, request a consultation, or to follow your business’ social accounts. Either way, a clear CTA is a valuable tool for converting guests.  Do you have a CTA on your website guests don’t have to search for which draws them to respond? If not, don’t wait,  call now.
  4. Your website is no longer consistent with your business’ brand.   A change in products, logo, direction, or values should also be reflected on your site. Your business’ brand should find alignment and unity through your website and its design.  If it does not, visitors will either be confused at the disconnect or develop an outdated understanding of your business.  In the end, you could to turn visitors away and create confusion for your current customers and clients.
If any of these signs ring true for your website, you owe it to yourself to continue the conversation.  We would love to visit with you. Call us today. 682-231-8554.Maintaini