Does Your Non-Profit Have a Marketing Plan? 3 Reasons You Should

It can seem counter-intuitive, if not an unpopular practice, for nonprofit organizations to create a marketing strategy with a lean staff and small budget. 
A marketing strategy is necessary for any organization that has a message to get across to its market. Businesses usually target customers. For nonprofit organizations, the target market can range from donors and potential donors to volunteers and members. The diversity of this target audience requires a nonprofit organization to have a marketing strategy that clearly defines the message to each group.
Here are three reasons why a non-profit organization should invest in a marketing strategy.  
  1. It will raise awareness of your cause.  Awareness precedes buy-in.  Whether it is putting an end to human trafficking, bringing clean water to an undeveloped group, or educating underprivileged youth, an effective marketing plan will be able to share the need for your organization. Social media and blog posts sharing impactful  stories or a landing page detailing stastics to stoke the fires of empathy and compassion. An active online presence can also help you connect with other organizations that might be fighting for the same cause. The more people running with the same vision, the sooner you can create change together.
  2. It will raise support.  There are many tasks for non-profit organizations and usually  less  hands than needed to execute them, which is why a marketing strategy often takes a backseat. But a solid marketing plan that includes an inviting website, engaging social media accounts, relevant blogs, video, and print materials will connect your cause to potential donors, volunteers, and supporters. Maintaining a clear strategy across all these mediums can be daunting, but it is undeniable: each is a potential door that will lead people back to your organizations' cause. The beauty of digital marketing is you could be spreading your vision to a future supporter you have not met and may never meet.
  3. It will maintain committed resources.  Volunteers and supporters can lose sight of why they do what they do if they are not reminded and shown gratitude for the difference they are making. It is vital to your organization to have a clear strategy for reminding all of your stakeholders why they have chosen to partner with you and to express how grateful you are for them and their role.

The internet is opening the doors of opportunity for nonprofits to expand their message, reach future supporters, and strengthen their existing resources.  When you have a marketing strategy that fuels all three, you will empower your organization to change the world. 

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