With SNS and Other Advertising Platforms, Who Needs Marketing?

Well, you do.

Don’t get us wrong. It’s exciting witness businesses continue to take advantage of the many platforms and tools the internet has to offer. Apart from websites, there appears to be a more focused effort towards being active on the most relevant social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Updating your website and posting on your social media accounts are good for your brand’s online presence – it can help improve your page ranking results, increase your market share, and promote your products and services. But (yes, there is a “but”) updating and posting can only get you so far in the worldwide web. To get your platforms working efficiently and driving growth for your business, you still need good ole’ fashioned, properly planned, knuckles-to-the-ground marketing.

Marketing, after all, is more than just the tools you have at your disposal. You need to have specific goals in mind, a well-thought out timeline and plan, relevant market research, and a concept that ties your entire campaign together. Basically, it’s making sure that you apply tried-and-tested marketing principles to more current methods, aka the vast playground that is the internet.

Think of it this way: your website is basically a billboard standing in the online landscape. It talks about your brand and products to visitors who either sought you out specifically or happened to surf by from a quick Google search. Marketing essentially helps you strategically scatter many virtual billboards in various “locations” across the web. Those “locations” can be your official networking sites and other platforms which you choose to place your advertisements on. Your ads can even appear on search engine results pages as well, creating more visibility for your business and allowing you to cast your marketing net on the, well, net on a much wider scale.

Choosing and developing tools to promote your business is one thing, but using them effectively and efficiently is another. Marketing, whether online or offline, is what gets gears going efficiently, producing desirable campaign results. Call us today and find out what you can do to strengthen and solidify your marketing efforts.