Make Your Marketing Campaign Stand Out with Videos 


More and more businesses are turning to videos to market their products and services – and for good reason. A variety of statistics show that consumer response to video marketing campaigns have been generally positive across the board, with platforms like Youtube and Facebook providing for improved accessibility and reach.

If you think about it, the success of video marketing campaigns is not all that surprising. Well-produced videos that contain relevant content can easily engage an audience – and at a time when views, likes and shares significantly determine and contribute to the success of a campaign, high engagement should be a marketing goal for any brand who aims to be top-of-mind among consumers.

Do a quick search and you’ll see that, of the multitude of videos that are available online, a large percentage have to do with product demos, how-to’s and testimonials. This suggests that consumers gravitate towards these types of videos more frequently, and that information delivered through a multi-sensory medium is preferred over those that employ static text, images and graphics.

With videos, it’s also comparatively easier to present your brand through a story, brought to life with a solid concept, music, scenes and (if you wish) voice-over narration that stir just the right mix of emotions. Establishing an emotional connection with your audience not only makes your brand more memorable, it also helps them better understand how you want your products and services to positively impact their day-to-day lives. Moreover, videos that are found to be inspiring (and/or highly informative) are likely to earn more shares and go viral, helping you expand your reach within a desirable time frame. You can even do a series to further lock in your audience and keep interest high.

There’s plenty of creative room to explore with videos, and when you have a great production team on your side, your brand can reap the many benefits of a strong video marketing campaign. Talk to us today about your goals and needs – 254-644-6941.