Fast and Furiously Fortified: How Speed and Security Dictate User Experience

In a fast-paced, information-driven world, security and speed is the name of the game. When rating a website, a positive user experience is usually characterized by these two factors, along with ease in navigation and high-quality content.

Google knows this all too well (they have access to all the relevant data, after all). Recently, they launched a feature on Google Ads that can provide brands with important insights related to the speed of their mobile websites, e.g. how it impacts their revenue. Another feature helps users reach advertisers’ websites several seconds faster.


You might think that cutting down mobile download speeds by a few seconds won’t make a difference, but statistics have shown otherwise. Even just a one-second delay can cut down your website conversions by 20%, Google cites. That’s definitely something to chew on when you strategize your next online marketing campaigns, or when you’re brainstorming over ideas and enhancements for your website design.


On the security front, there’s been a strong push for HTTPS encryption (the industry standard for security and safety), especially on Google-supported browser Chrome. If you’re a brand or marketer who has been using Google Ads, you would have noticed by now that the platform strongly warns against redirecting users to landing pages that are unencrypted. Website URLs that start off with “HTTPS” are those that have SSL certificates, which keeps internet connection secure and protects sensitive data that’s transmitted between systems.

Offline or online, a positive customer experience is essential to strengthening and improving your brand’s market share. If this means having to quite literally keep up making security and speed brand values, then so be it. The great thing is, you don’t have to do it alone. Our team is ready to give you both the creative and strategic support you need to not only keep your brand in the race, but also ensure it stays ahead. Call today.