Is it time to move away from mobile?


We’ve talked about the continuing shift in consumer behavior, particularly when it comes to internet-based activities. The growing increasing dependency on mobile devices as a way to navigate our highly tech-driven world is a very clear indicator of this shift.

But change comes quickly, and results derived from a survey conducted earlier this year seems to suggest an undercurrent that is pulling teenagers away from their mobile screens. Of the surveyed teens (aged 13 to 17), 54% said they believe they are spending too much time on their phones, while a smaller 47% said they believe they are spending too much time on social media. The most surprising data showed that more than half of the teens are willingly cutting back on their social media usage, and consequently, on their mobile screen time.

Why is this information relevant to marketers and businessowners? For one, it falls under the category of market research, and knowing your market is a fundamental principle in marketing, may it be in traditional or new media. You can argue that teens are not your target audience – and that may be true for now, but eventually, they will be moving into an older demographic with better purchasing power.

Having this type of insight early on can benefit your brand and help you improve your marketing campaign strategies vis-à-vis long-term goals. If, for example, you’ve been working towards re-allocating your budget solely to online ads (including social media), it might serve you better in the long run if you leave room to diversify.

This isn’t to say that you totally stop riding the mobile trend when you make marketing decisions. As it stands, the shift is holding strong. Funnily enough, the survey also showed that parents were found to be less concerned about the time they were spending on their mobile phones.

There does not appear to be as strong an effort to cut back, either, so it’s more likely that your current target market is still behaving according to the trend.

The answer then is, no, it is not time to move away from the mobile monster. For more information about how you can capitalize on the spellbinding small screen in everyone’s hands, call us today – 817-504-4505.