Get Great Results with Great Landing Pages

Having a website is great – until you realize that it may not be enough to get you the conversions or actions you want and need. Sure, a well-planned, well-optimized and well-designed website can cement your brand’s online presence and improve brand awareness, but as internet marketing grows in relevance, so does your competition.

A Landing page, when used as a marketing tool, is a web page that’s created independently of the website – allowing you to take on a more targeted approach to locking in leads.

An effective landing page is one that presents users with a specific action – learning more about a service or product that your company offers, purchasing a particular service or product, joining a promo, calling a sales number, or simply signing up for an email list. You can also design the flow of a landing page in such a way that you incorporate all these calls-to-action together to achieve a variety of conversions.

When you develop landing pages with your paid SEM campaigns in mind, you are assured of better use of your budget and better click-through rates. This is especially true when your landing pages contain keywords or phrases that frequently appear in user searches.

If you’re advertising with Google, chances are one of the recommendations you’ve received is to assign an optimized landing page to your ad groups. Further, Google’s Dynamic Search Ads, which builds traffic to existing landing pages in your ad groups by targeting them against searches, now even generates reports that track landing page performance – making it easier for us to create successful campaigns.

While there is no harm in continuing to use your website as your primary internet marketing tool, it also wouldn’t hurt to explore what a great landing page could do for your business and brand. Talk to us today about your internet marketing goals and ideas, and we would be happy to recommend design solutions for you.