This SEO Tip Can Get Your Site on Page One

When it comes to web development and internet marketing, SEO (search engine optimization) plays an important role in the effectiveness and ultimately the outcome of our work, which is inherently weighed by a website’s rank on SERPs (search engine results pages).

Regardless of the campaign and objectives, the ultimate goal with any SEO work is to improve a website’s page ranking for the targeted keywords. Landing on page one of Google – among the top spots, at that – not only equates to better consumer exposure and online presence, but also increases website traffic, which in turn boosts rank further, sort of like a self-propelled motor.

One important thing to note is that SERPs for desktop differ from that of mobile, and in fact, Google just announced recently that it is now taking a “mobile-first” indexing approach, meaning it will scan your mobile website version first and provide a rank for that.

In recent years, data has shown that mobile search has surpassed desktop search on a global scale. Simply put, more and more consumers are using their mobile devices to search for information on the web. Hence, it would be sensible for brands to keep a close eye on the latest “tricks of the trade” for mobile SERPs.

An example is the increase of image thumbnails in Google’s mobile SERPs. In a recent report, RankRanger shared their observations about the jump, particularly the whopping 183% increase in the number of image thumbnails displayed on the search results page. The upward trend was observed starting July 13, holding steady for several days after that.

While others may view this as a mere temporary occurrence, it should be of interest to brands seeking to improve mobile SERPs. The increase suggests that image thumbnails are now more relevant to mobile queries, particularly with local searches, and that they likely have a higher click-through rate (or the rate in which a user actually clicks on the link that appears in the search results).

It would be a good brand-building practice to utilize this newly popular search page feature. If you would like help implementing this or other marketing trends useful to your business, give us a call and we’d be glad to help you out!