Should Your Business Be More Social?

Social media – it feels as though practically everyone is on it! You, your family, your friends. Even pets have their own – managed, of course, by loving human owners, who want nothing more than to share “cute” and “fun” stories and photos with the rest of the world.

Share. That’s the operative word when we consider social media in a marketing context. Sharing on social media enables posts and content to spread throughout a series of networks – and to go viral, if you will. The potential reach alone should be enough to convince you to build your brand’s social media presence and use the accounts as a marketing channel. Everyone is on social media, right? So your business should too!

As you may already know, there are three major social networking sites that have become more business-friendly over the years in terms of promoting and advertising: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Of the three, Facebook can work wonders for your business if your primary goal for an online campaign is brand awareness focused on long-term returns, although it can work just as well if you want to market your products or services. You can advertise your content to make it visible to a larger audience based on demographics you select.

Advertising is especially helpful if you are building your following, and the cost of advertising can be pretty low compared to other avenues. Typical ad spends can range from $20 to $100. You will want to make sure that you get the most of your advertising spend, and that means investing in a well-planned campaign, and of course, good design.

Design. Another operative word, not only in the social media sphere, but in marketing and advertising in general. Whichever social media platform you want your brand to be on, you need to post wisely and creatively.

Posts with short and snappy text supported by well-designed visuals are more likely to attract attention and be shared by your target audience. This is especially true for Twitter and Instagram, with the former imposing a character limit for text and the latter primarily made for carefully composed images and photos.

Facebook gives you more freedom when it comes to the length of the text on your post, but it does have design requirements for boosted posts and ads.

Building and maintaining presence in social media platforms is beneficial to your business – and consequently your marketing campaigns. Creating quality content for your posts consistently can be done more efficiently with a certain level of creative and design expertise. We are here to offer that expertise and assist you with expanding your marketing campaigns, not just on social media but in other online and offline spaces, too. Call us today!