Spin Your Message and Give it Sensational Spirit

Marketing can be tough. There’s the competition – what they’re doing. Then there’s staying fresh and original and relevant to your audience. One way to successfully sink your message in and distinguish your brand from a sea of others is spinning your message to evoke an emotional response.

You have a variety of tools at your disposal – but so do your competitors. A well-thought out marketing plan and strategic use of traditional and digital media can help you cruise along, but if you want to speed ahead, emotional connection should be a priority.

Marketing that incites the right kind of emotional response from your audience leaves lasting impressions – and gives way to lasting relationships.

Crafty messaging paired with a strong story can deliver an enormous emotional punch. Both would be a win for your marketing campaign, provided, of course, you know exactly the emotion that you’re going for.

One example is how successful nonprofit campaigns propel you from problem to solution by sharing a powerful personal story of a child or family paired with emotionally compelling photography, creating a bond between reader and subject before asking you to partner in their mission.

Such sentimental storytelling always provides the possibility of going viral online, because even if your product or service is not immediately relevant to a particular audience, they may still come to appreciate the story behind your campaign, and proceed to share it with others.

Partnering all the right elements in the right ways to create a successful campaign can be tough. We would love to help you tug at the heartstrings of your audience and shape some sensational spirit into your message and brand. Call us today to discuss your ideas – 817-504-4505.