The Secret Weapon: How to Get a Sharper Marketing Edge

Branding and marketing campaigns not only provide lead generation and sales opportunities, but they keep your business relevant among your target market. A sizeable budget enables you to combine and maximize a variety of tools and techniques, spanning traditional, new media and internet spheres. Additionally, tapping into relatable and reputable endorsers to promote and talk about your products and services can create buzz among your customers and general public.

But you don’t have to have an elephant-sized budget to achieve this effect. In fact, your greatest allies are already on your team: your own client base. Yes, your customers can become your best brand ambassadors.

With your customers, you don’t need to start from ground zero. You already have their buy-in, and if you’ve been diligent in keeping customer satisfaction high, they are more likely to talk about you with members of their immediate network.

Engagement – particularly online engagement – plays a critical role in customer service nowadays. Updating your website and social media accounts along with standard communications like eblasts and newsletters is a way of reaching out and interacting with your clients. Not only does it tell them that many exciting things are happening in your company (signs of stability and growth), it also gives the impression that there is someone they can connect with about their queries or concerns.

Content that gives back to your customers is an effective way to boost engagement. Incentivized sharing or posting activities on your social networking sites can do the trick, especially if accompanied by well-designed visuals and catchy text. You can offer incentives via direct mailers and e-mail as well. For example, in exchange for their time to fill out a survey or feedback form, you can offer them small but meaningful rewards.

Coming up with an integrated campaign that engages and encourages positive “word of mouth” from your customers requires strategic creative planning and brand reinforcing design solutions. Our team can help you conceptualize campaigns and produce accompanying marketing materials that meet your objectives. Call us today: 817-504-4505.