Google Says Print is Not Dead

Google Says Print is Not Dead

The explosion of the internet over the past decade and the formation of internet giants like Google have left many wondering, “Is print dead?” In the world of marketing and advertising, print is still valuable to certain types of consumers, because many people still appreciate the tangible over intangible digital media. Some studies have proven that there is more of a connection with your printed ad than with your digital one. Thus, marketers are not quick to remove them from their strategic plans just yet, despite the proven and perceived benefits of internet marketing. In fact, print marketing is still very much alive.

Take Google, for example. Just last week I received a direct mail piece from Google advertising their online services. “Google sent a printed mailer?” you say? Yes, the online giant that has the online searching and advertising market cornered and wants you to spend big bucks with them advertising online decided direct mail was a worthy form of marketing. Actions speak louder than words. I also regularly receive print media from other online giants such as PayPal and Microsoft.

But is it really about the medium? Or is it more about knowing your audience and their behaviors, their tastes, their attitudes? While it is true that online advertising can be much more friendly on your budget than print, marketing and advertising is about knowing your prospects – knowing where they can be found and getting the right message in front of them. More people are online these days, so more online advertising is warranted. Using direct mail might come into play more for businesses who cannot reach their prospects online, or not as well, or perhaps just want to make a bigger impact using the tangible benefit.

And of course, we always recommend supporting your campaign with strong design, originality and creativity. There are plenty of tricks and trends you can use, from bolder color choices, arresting font styles, originality, and a catchier call-to-action. A combination of these elements – when executed properly – can produce desirable results.

While the focus on internet marketing has many wondering about the fate of print, and while it is true that a large portion of ad dollars have shifted to digital media in the last decade, we believe the print train is still going strong and can provide value and relevance to any marketing campaign. We would love to help you strike that balance for yours. Contact us about your print and online design needs today.