Jenny’s Hope Launches New Website

Beverly Ross, counselor and the founder of Jenny’s Hope grief center, has a profound story of hope, love and compassion that is overflowing into her community. Beverly lost her daughter, Jenny, suddenly to an unexpected illness in 2010. Now, she has been led to open the only free grief center in Wise County to help those suffering from loss of a loved one.

We were honored to work with Beverly and her team on the design and brand strategy for Jenny’s Hope. It was clear from the beginning that their incredible story would serve as the foundation of the key messaging. To be most effective, that story – and the incredible advocacy that has grown from it – would need to be front and center.

Emotional momentum from telling the story naturally connects the audience to this amazing cause. A delicate and soft design approach sets the atmosphere and represents the organization’s mission: to help people heal through love, hope and compassion. The color scheme targets the emotions – love, affection, tenderness, harmony, approachability and inner peace.

The website opens with a powerful and comforting message from Jenny’s Hope: “Walking With You Wherever You Are.” The visual elements, which include detailed infographics and an embedded video about the center, are supported by meaningful content. The site also provides a smooth user experience, with most of the significant information, such as the inspiration for Jenny’s Hope, how they have evolved and the pressing need they wish to address, readily available on the home page.

This is the first phase of the website launch. Jenny’s Hope plans to expand the site with items like a blog by Beverly, books and other resources.

Visit for more info.