Creative Risks Determine Graphic Design Trends

Trends are evolving at an incredible rate, especially in the way we run our business, as well as market our products and services. Graphic design has not escaped the technological tornado. In the past year alone, there have been great shifts in visual treatments in both offline and online marketing materials.

Keeping up with the changes can feel like a whirlwind, but it is important to your business, as it can impact the effectiveness of your branding, advertising and marketing campaigns. This year, certain styles and techniques are expected to dominate graphic design, some of which stem from more creative risks and leaps on the part of business owners and marketing teams.

Industry professionals anticipate the prominence of bold and unconventional color combinations in graphic design. What consumers would normally see in marketing campaigns of edgier start-ups and enterprises are breaking into mainstream design trends.

In the same vein as breaking away from convention, image distortion is also fast-becoming popular design style among designers. Effects such as glitches, rips, graphic overlays and any other aesthetically acceptable element that can distort photos are applied to create an unusual yet arresting visual.

Riskier patterns, typography and branding components – or re-inventing thereof – has also been tagged as a trend that is sweeping through creative and marketing teams. While most companies are choosing to keep their logo intact (understandably so, especially for companies with an already strong, well-established logo), some are taking more liberties with other supplementary features, such as updating their color schemes and branding paraphernalia.

These graphic design trends can guide and influence the way you approach your marketing campaigns, but it is necessary to keep your goals in mind so that you don’t end up following a trend that does not fit well with your business and plans. There are many other trends you can consider, and if you need more specific recommendations and creative advice, please feel free to contact us.