Do you "Like" Data?



This word has become increasingly important in the world of business and marketing, especially now that the internet has made it even easier for research and marketing agencies to collect pertinent data in creative ways. Even the scope of a company’s database has expanded greatly thanks to the emergence of the so-called Age of Analytics.

Over the years, rapid technological progress has influenced the way we define and use data. In modern-day marketing, data is more than just “rolodex” information; it now also encompasses how your customers respond to and navigate through your website, how often they visit it in a given time frame, their “likes” and interests (as reflected in their SNS profiles and their behavior on such platforms), among many others that are web-based. All of these insights help you build a more accurate customer profile and consequently deliver the best and most relevant products or services.

The data evolution comes step by step with changes in consumer relationships, with search engines and social media powering how we learn, engage and transact. With so much available data, companies now have a wealth of diverse information to draw from when making important decisions.

Having data at your disposal is a valuable asset and having the right people assisting you can put you at a great advantage and sharpen your competitive edge. We would welcome the opportunity to help you become more data-driven in your marketing efforts. Give us a call today –817-504-4505