Riding SEO Trends to Grow Your Business


Search Engine Optimization, more commonly known by its abbreviation SEO, is a necessary tool in internet marketing campaigns. Over the years, there have been many changes on the SEO front, driven primarily by search engine giant Google in their attempt to keep low-quality and spam-like content from taking over search rankings.

Search rankings, as you may know, play an important role to your business’visibility in the web. If your SEO game is strong, chances are your official website and other online channels will rank high and appear atop the first page on Google and other search engines. Ranking high allows your consumers and prospects to easily find you, as well as better helps you to attain your conversion goals, whether it be simply site traffic or actual transactions.

One of the most important topics for your website is keywords. You would be on the right track in your planning if keywords are a priority on your list. But coming up with the keywords that will help your website perform better in search rankings can be tricky and requires in-depth analysis. For starters, you would need to be aware of the terms that your target market are likely to use when they search for your company, products and services. You would also need to consider the terms’ competitiveness – meaning if other companies in the same industry are using the same keywords to ramp up their SEO. Some keywords might have a high search volume, but are highly competitive, while other keywords may have similar search volume and have low competitiveness. These factors might lead you to a different strategy in your website copywriting. We use tools that can provide useful information in that area.

SEO trends are evolving as people use the internet differently. Most recently, industry experts are advising that you optimize based on natural language. Instead of stand-alone keywords or fragmented phrases such as "iPhone 6 price," optimize for full sentences and questions like "How much is an iPhone 6?" These longer queries are becoming more and more common due to voice command technology like Siri and Alexa, as well as smarter search technology. Because of the growing voice technology, Google is giving more weight to "Featured Snippets", which are Google-selected search results that appear on top of organic results and inside a box.

For anyone who is not familiar with internet marketing and SEO, the information we have shared can be overwhelming. But these things are a very important part of marketing your business online. Call us to learn how we can help take your business higher... in your Google rank!