Domain Names: How to Pick a Winner


There are many components to a website and many factors that go into search engine optimization and ranking. One important item that you should not overlook is the domain name. If you are already in the process of building and designing your website, or enhancing your online presence, you’re probably already somewhat familiar with this term—and found out that you need to register a domain name before you can actually use it for your business.

Why the fuss? A number of important reasons. First, the domain name basically serves as your ID on the web. Your name is important. It is the face of your brand. Having a domain name that reflects this also is important.

Second, your domain name can actually play a role in search engine rank. Say your domain was Before the search engines scan anything on your website, they first read your domain name. After reading, they immediately deduce that your website is about dentristry. This is a point in your bucket towards higher ranking for the keyword dentistry.

Third, size is important. On the web, smaller is better. The shorter your domain name, generally the better it is because people don’t like typing, especially on tiny little mobile keyboards. And the shorter the domain name, the less likely someone is to enter a typo. Would you rather type out or All of these are strong considerations when selecting a domain name. What are your target keywords? What are some names you can use to have a keyword in your domain name and keep it short? Do you want a domain name that has more of your company name or one that has more of your keywords? For example, your metals and metal fabrication business might be called Pinnacle Industries. You have the option of naming your domain name after your business or after your targeted keywords – or for example.

Your preferred domain name may also be the preferred domain name of another business, or often desirable to a competitor, and if you’re not quick enough, you risk losing it to a different company. Some even register for their domain names during the initial stages of website planning (even in the absence of any final details) simply to ensure that no other business or entity can beat them to it.

Businesses also register extra domain names for added brand security, credibility and marketability. It is common to register the .com, .net and others for your selected domain name so someone else doesn’t register it.

When your domain name mirrors your company name (or contains anything that clearly communicates your products, services or brand promise), customers and other internet users (which can also be targeted for conversions) can easily find and remember you. It also lends legitimacy to your business, as it supports your branding.

Coming up with a strategic, targeted domain name can be fun and rewarding in the long run. We provide domain name registration and management for our clients and would love to help you go through the process, even providing other website design tips that you will find useful in growing and promoting your business. Call us to discuss your domain name and website marketing today –817-504-4505.

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